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Man gets slapped 11
Man gets slapped
arty gets rekt 17
arty gets rekt
tracer gets sandwiched 8
tracer gets sandwiched
bird gets pwned 3
bird gets pwned
Kids Inc Gets Going 11
Kids Inc Gets Going
Giannis Antetokounmpo gets videobombed 5
Giannis Antetokounmpo gets videobombed
Stevie Gets 14
Stevie Gets
Roughknite gets jacked again 5
Roughknite gets jacked again
ChrisCHA gets BRDM'd 9
ChrisCHA gets BRDM'd
Never gets old :3 1
Never gets old :3
Gets Flowers 9
Gets Flowers
Man gets b8ed 24
Man gets b8ed
Goku gets Bombed 16
Goku gets Bombed
Love Only Gets Worse 4
Love Only Gets Worse
dad gets grav 25
dad gets grav
Sideshow Bob gets PIEfaced 4
Sideshow Bob gets PIEfaced
corey gets rekt 13
corey gets rekt
rusty gets a dicking 50
rusty gets a dicking
Guy gets fired then gets revenge 15
Guy gets fired then gets revenge
Klink Gets It 7
Klink Gets It
navas gets the d 10
navas gets the d
pun-isher gets punished 32
pun-isher gets punished
Goku gets shot 11
Goku gets shot
ana gets fisted 25
ana gets fisted
Akali gets shit on 20
Akali gets shit on