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Chopper's sweet tooth 2
Chopper's sweet tooth
too much heavy cream 3
too much heavy cream
at gun point 3
at gun point
Jimbei splittin trees 3
Jimbei splittin trees
princess of chaos herself 2
princess of chaos herself
addicted to sweets 3
addicted to sweets
Bait 4
after her own people 3
after her own people
date ruined 4
date ruined
Happy tree 4
Happy tree
halt progress 8
halt progress
quiet jimbei! 10
quiet jimbei!
wrong servant 7
wrong servant
tasty storm clouds 6
tasty storm clouds
tricked 7
beam blade 6
beam blade
liar liar 5
liar liar
that's it for you 4
that's it for you
Hunger Rampage continues 5
Hunger Rampage continues
incoming 7
Sanji's antics 9
Sanji's antics
steep debt for a real lie 7
steep debt for a real lie
overdramatic 9
under Nami's control 4
under Nami's control
telling lies 8
telling lies